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2nd Edition - Published October 31, 2017
ISBN-13 (UY): 978-9974-99-053-1
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TOO BIG to question? TOO POWERFUL to confront?

Max Proctar sits in his lounger, oblivious to shadows whispering barbs to derail the masochist in wobbled flight. His wife and siblings skipped town long ago. Beloved children can’t bare to watch him implode. New neighbors demand his immediate elimination, legal or otherwise. Nothing evokes compromise from the man with the coveted lynchpin holdings at the core of this once sleepy Florida town. Even corporate skullduggery rarely elicits a flinch from someone whose days are ranked by genuine smile count and friendly voices. The ostracized patriarch admits his best intentions might kill. Not until beloved family members embark on similar paths to self destruction is Max spurred to react. Despite family follies that suggest the contrary, strained principles must somehow prevail.


A feisty, multi-layered saga where farmers, corporate button-downs, art world bohemians and tech gurus clash over property, bodies and conflicting agendas. A timely tale examining friction between misinterpreted demographic and vocational dichotomies. Follow the Proctar family through betrayal, a corporate ruse and foreign gambits that expose the dangers of cultural naiveté.

Rattle introduces a refreshing voice that reads poetic, rawly emotive and frequently restless. A rambunctious tale with ominous tangents shrouding each existential challenge, Rattle is a comedy-drama that for many of us strikes close to home.


Kirkus has been a leading reviewer and book discovery service for decades. Here's the positive review that they recently posted on their site about RATTLE:

In his ambitious debut novel, Paul tells the story of the savvy, artistic Proctar family in Cane Valley, Florida. They find their sedate way of life disturbed when corporate interests and an ambitious technology company, Global Cybernetics, stumble upon their idyllic town and offer buyouts to local landowners. Although some see the influx of wealth as an opportunity, the family patriarch Max Proctar, a sculptor, is reticent, wary of the changes that the town's growth will likely bring. His social standing and his land holdings in town command respect, but they also make him a target as outside forces begin to infringe on his bohemian way of life. In addition, Max must also face the return of his adult children, who struggle to reconcile their love for him with his curmudgeonly ways. The most compelling character among this cohort is Zara Proctar, an aspiring painter searching for her own path. The Proctars, a collection of witty, erudite aesthetes, resemble J.D. Salinger's famous Glass family, but they also bring a Faulknerian Southern attitude and 21st-century concerns. Paul writes in a verbose, intelligent style that recalls David Foster Wallace...  This novel will be sure to please fans of family epics, and may also appeal to those with an interest in how technological and corporate culture are encroaching on personal lives in the 21st century.

A strong, stylish novel about one family's battle to preserve its identity in the face of changing times. - Kirkus Reviews


For JP Paul's reaction to the Kirkus review, click here.


44 Reviews for RATTLE

  1. Avatar

    Much better than I expected at this price. Consider me a follower and future reader as a fellow art professional.

  2. Avatar

    I'm so glad I took the recommendation of a dear friend to read this novel. Superb in every way.

  3. Avatar

    Entertaining read. Well worth the time and expense. Set aside enough side to read this properly. You will be rewarded with a great story and a unique writing style.

  4. Avatar

    I love everything I read from JP Paul. Wise. Articulate, Fun. Never easy. Congratulations, you have another fan for life.

  5. Avatar

    Very enjoyable story. Highly recommended for those who enjoy alternative fiction.

  6. Avatar

    This is an impressive book. Smart, funny, deep in its referential knowledge and vast array of experiences. Rattle is an intelligent story that doesn't apologize for expecting more from both society and reader. The political references, although subdued, are uncanny. For any professional reviewer to reduce this book to just a family saga is absurd.

    I often take clips of passages from books that I find to be particularly impressive. Rattle has dozens of them, like seriously, every chapter has semantic gems that compare with the finest quotations of award-winning novelists of the past century. Such poetry and fluidity of the written word. I encourage every creative writing teacher to discuss with students some of JP Paul's usage and cadence to excite the writer even when the action may lag. Every line, every comment, every discussion, has a purpose. I get it, so much of the subtle references may go entirely unnoticed. This leads me to believe that this is a book that will age really well and improve on 2nd or 3rd reading.

    The story itself is equally surprising. While it's easy to categorize this work as an epic family drama, there are also elements of disruptive corporate bullying, art world manipulation, opportunistic shysters and international intrigue, failed diplomacy, and that's before we discuss the family dynamic, the rural-urban conflict, the gentrification. I sincerely loved this book and what it represents.

    Rattle is a fabulous entry into novels by someone who seems connected and engaged with the issues of modern society but also one with a poet's heart.

  7. Avatar

    Rattle is a refreshing tale of a capable yet wayward family from a man's perspective. L.O.V.E.D.I.T. A totally unexpected excellent read.

  8. Avatar

    Damn fine story. Bizarre twists and compelling characters. What I hope isn't underestimated is the writing. This guy can pluck down words with the best of them. I'm not surprised that Kirkus referred to William Faulkner and David Foster Wallace when trying to align the book to names the wider reading public will be familiar with. Spot on. I'd add Tom Robbins and Hunter S. Thompson. The first few chapters are a whirlwind of contemporary prose. Don't think twice about reading this splendid breakout novel.

  9. Avatar

    Great book.

  10. Avatar

    Merry Christmas. What a pleasant surprise to see that one of my favorite posters and LinkedIn members had published this novel. Nothing less than 5 stars is appropriate but I gave it a 4 because some of the sub-themes detracted me from the visual art themes. For anyone who does not know the author, this is a broading ranging approach to discussing family, career and life in general. Don't expect one plot. There are so many things going on in this novel I'm not sure how JP Paul can tie them into one conclusion but he does so with great skill, just like he often wrapped up many discussion threads with a few poignant phrases.

    As a fellow artist, I can attest to JP Paul's masterful portrayal of the psyche, the doubt, the optimism and the constant personal reevaluation of the artist. Maybe it helps to know the writer, but I see so many things much more clearly now that I've read long form JP Paul

  11. Avatar

    JP Paul talks about this being a comedy-drama. That might be misleading. There is comedy and drama, but the subtle cultural references and social commentary vaulted this book into my top 10 reads for 2017. I read a lot. Congratulations Mr. Paul.

  12. Avatar

    After reading this book in one marathon sitting, I feel guilty that I took advantage of the 50% coupon. Rattle is a marvelous story unfolded by a supreme wordsmith with a poetic charm and biting wit. A beautiful, contemporary and poignant approach to the modern family.

  13. Avatar

    I'm happy to find another challenging author who can take hold of the Foster Wallace torch and provide us with writing that is so much more than stories. Brilliant work, Mr. Paul

  14. Avatar

    Oh my, so much to say but let's not go crazy. I encourage everyone to read this book. The voice, the language, the smart interplays, the twists, the utter confidence of a writer who knows what he's doing and knows how to massage a reader. I need another fix.

  15. Avatar

    Great book. I looking forward to the sequel to see where this crazy but savvy group goes next.

  16. Avatar

    Compelling story that almost anybody can relate to for one reason or another. Excellent writing. The ending left me wanting more, which from JP Paul's Q&A session seems to be coming soon in the form of an anticipated Chapter Two. Glad to hear. Best of luck.

  17. Avatar

    I had to reach for my dictionary and style guide a few times, but all in all this is a terrific read and a hilarious story once you catch the gist of the voice and the wry humor. Great job.

  18. Avatar

    Go get them JP. This book affirms my faith in you. Keep going. Have faith in yourself because we do too!

  19. Avatar

    Great book. Not much else to say that won't give away more than what others have already given away. Just read it and be impressed.

  20. Avatar

    A rare find in the indie publishing field, an artist of the word and of semantic imagery, an author who writes as if understands why people read books and why the service that writers provide can be so powerful. JP Paul is a sincere, sympathetic and compassionate man. He doesn't write to pump himself or to diminish others. Just a fabulous, self-deprecating emotional bleed. I'm hooked.

  21. Avatar

    No entiendo nada pero me gusta igual. Friends supporting friends but JP we need to discuss this. Felicitaciones! Un abrazo

  22. Avatar

    A very entertaining book, smartly written.

  23. Avatar

    Well I'll be damned. I've known JP for many years through the visual arts world. Who would have known he was such a fine writer. I loved Rattle and can't wait to see what happens next to Max and family.

  24. Avatar

    So Coupland, yes JP, you know your similarities. Beautiful book, I'm so proud of you. Highly recommended. That this is your first full length novel makes me even more impressed. Bravo.

  25. Avatar

    A+. Very entertaining. Worth the read.

  26. Avatar

    Just a solid book by a caring soul. You know we support you to death, JP. Keep up the great work. We know mainstream isn't your thing, but if your ever want to go that way, please return my calls. You have devout supporters like us because you have a talented voice that needs to find an audience. Let us help you with that.

  27. Avatar

    I don't get it. It's a good story. Nice writing, but I leave fives for the generational works. JP Paul is a smart, talented writer who is slippery enough to assume many characters, but let's make him work for this.

  28. Avatar

    I just love this man and feel everything he feels. To pour it all onto pages and still make a fluid story out of it for the reader is a remarkable achievement. Did I say I love this work? Bravo, JP Paul.

  29. Avatar

    Excellent. Seriously excellent. For a first novel, I'm rarely so impressed. One can only imagine what JP Paul is capable of next.

  30. Avatar

    Slow, one-handed applause because the other hand is too busy being impressed. So special. Continue, please.

  31. Avatar

    Wow. Just wow. Such a gift you have. I want to read everything you publish. Such a sincere voice.

  32. Avatar

    I really suggest you read JP Paul's comments about this book and writing in general. Knowing where he is coming from makes all the difference in your appreciation of this book because it does exactly what he sets forth to do. Entertain, question, ask, and answer. Wonderful job.

  33. Avatar

    Great book. I enjoyed the characters, the family and their struggles. The social interplay is marvelous without being disrespectful. It's light-hearted even though it tackles some very important social issues with aplomb. Such a smart, thoughtful tale.

  34. Avatar

    Outstanding. Damn that was fun. When can we expect the sequel?

  35. Avatar

    This is a very interesting combination of story threads, woven together by someone who understands the English language and its quirks better than most. It's also a heady experience that exposes human and family frailty. Prepare to be whisked away to lands unknown. Applause for JP Paul.

  36. Avatar

    I must be honest. I know JP from social circuits that we shared. I didn't know what to expect with his novel but I still felt that I needed to support his efforts because he has impressed me for years in different forums. Even if I didn't know the author personally I would have loved this book. Consumed it in less than 48 hours. Fine work.

  37. Avatar

    Okay, I get that this is well-written and a witty take on numerous themes. I have to admit that the author lost me at times. Maybe that's my fault but I knocked this down a star because you truly need to have a broad sense of knowledge and a wider than normal experience base to grasp most of the references in this book. Maybe that's a reward for those who have shared similar life paths. As a sheltered soul like myself, this book was a smack. It's great, strong and hopeful, but its resonating value as related to me was deflating. That's my problem I guess.

  38. Avatar

    Solid book. Serious and timely, ominous at times and sublimely humorous throughout. Very impressed, Mr. Paul. All the best of luck with your latest project.

  39. Avatar

    What a treat to read from a man who freely shares so many thoughts and guidance that have helped my own career tremendously. Rattle is a fascinating tale with many themes. It features a bulging cast of interesting characters and enough plot twists to keep the pages flowing. And the writing is typical JP Paul brilliance for any of us who have followed him through social media and group forums for years. Congratulations for this fine read.

  40. Avatar

    Very impressed. This book was recommended to me by a fellow friend. I'm so happy I took his advice. Thrilling style, very contemporary voice with style and humility. Loved. it.

  41. Avatar

    Great story. I think I need to read it again since there is definitely something else going on here that I missed the first time since this is a layered composition. That's not a negative comment. I just wasn't prepared for the sensory overload. Stellar work though.

  42. Avatar

    A very nice story. I really like it. There were parts I don't understand because English is my second language. Maybe a section in the back to explain some things might help.

  43. Avatar

    Rattle provides two interwoven tales that challenge our conventions at each emotional turn or hilarious tangent. Well done, Mr. Paul. Looking forward to the sequel.

  44. Avatar

    An acrobatic romp of contemporary vigor and lyrical prose.

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Book Listing
Title: Rattle
Subtitle: When Even Wealth Misses the Itch
Author: JP Paul
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Tags: literary fiction, family saga, international conflict, Jamaica, Florida, comedy drama,
visual arts, corporate corruption, land rights, inheritance battles
Release Date: 2nd Print Edition - 10/2017
Where to Buy
Amazon.com:  ISBN-13#  978-1979-32-958-3 (Paperback)
Kindle: ASIN# B0771M7BY3 (Kindle Ebook)
Barnes & Noble:  9781979329583 (Nook & Paperback)
Indigo Books:  9781370813308  (Ebook)
Smashwords:  #758142 (Ebooks) 



(from the publisher, Artfronts Associates)

An incongruent clan of bohemian artists, alternative educators, button-down business types and a reluctant farmer implodes after the deferment of an estate sale, forcing their ostracized leader to prove that principles and family trump money despite follies that suggest the contrary.

Rattle” is a novel by JP Paul. The author comes out swinging in a feisty, well-paced dramedy centered upon the extended Proctar family of South Florida.

Two distinct plot lines intertwine (one based in Florida's Okeechobee agricultural reserve a few miles west of affluent Palm Beach, the other in the rural hills of Jamaica) as the protagonists struggle with conflicting family priorities and ominous external interests. One quaint community is engulfed by a corporate expansion. The other is strangled by a local drug lord preciely at the moment when villagers begin to show promise. To Max Proctar, the takeovers are not worlds apart, in fact they're surprisingly similar.

JP Paul's street cred as an international journalist provides the backbone for this novel. An observant person who has walked the tough yards, his fictional characters are raw and plausibly imperfect, neither heroes nor villians. They often puzzle and always push. Socio-cultural gaps spark disparate reactions. While some situations disturb, they are managed with sensitivity, and in many cases, with appropriate humor.

Goodwill often comes from people and circumstances when we least expect it. Preconceptions are best left on the night table when reading Rattle since one never knows from where the next favor or roadblock will arise. Tension is perpetuated as desires collide, especially where compromise is not an option and logical solutions are rarely chosen. The book explores the decisions we make through all stages of life. Just when we feel we have everything controlled, we are forced to negotiate additional discordant tangents. Rattle speaks at length about the crippling effects of frustration, familial obigations and perceived injustices that paralayze our best intentions long before they stimulate progress. Procrastinators neither win nor lose, they are simply cast aside, discarded abruptly in a startlingly accurate depiction of the unforgiving pace of the 21st century.

JP Paul goes all in with sub-themes including corporate corruption, the opaque and unregulated visual art market, colonial caste systems, aged global education and ecological nightmares. These themes clearly matter to the author but they never swamp an entertaining story. Indeed, you can breeze through this book in a sitting or three. Such is a style that is snappy and concise, a well-written quick meal from the artesanal deli. But there is so much more for the astute reader, a multi-course dinner to be digested slowly with a variety of complex flavors simmering below the surface. Therein lies the mastery of this book. The writer grants the reader choices. One can drill down for more details to savor the double entendres and turns of phrase while engaging the social discourse. Or the reader can barrel forward at breakneck speeds toward the thrilling final sections to see what happens to favorite characters, some who surprisingly become more huggable and cheer-worthy as the story lines progress.

The intrigue of reading Rattle lies in the matrix of dichotomies JP Paul constructs in much of his work. The twin plot lines rattle against one another but are indeed just one. His dueling voices become crystal clear midway through the book. One is brash, confident, with a controlled wit that never stoops to mere cynicism. The other is reserved and concerned; emotions are pondered with none of the sap of romance. Rattle is not a big picture statement piece. Like all of his work, JP Paul opens the door for contemplation. He provides a window from which to observe and gather seeds. The humor is sharp, subtle and occasionally dark. The suspense is geniune. Rattle is a fluid page turner written in a cleverly twisted but accessible form. Rarely are novels able to appease both the commercial and literary camps so effectively. - Richard Bloom