Equine Extracts

For those involved with horses, stables and paddocks become far more than a job. It's a way of life with all the trials and tribulations of caring for sensitive animals. My challenge in this series -- a commissioned work at the outset before taking a life of its own -- was to search for the attractiveness of this ambience to see why the horsey set truly is a different breed. Even though I focused on banal objects in their workspace, what I saw was pride and passion, comradery, humans and animals emoting in their own code. Care.

As the title suggests, the subjects are elements extracted from an equine environment of stables, training rings and serene countryside. In this placid and privileged environment, contrast is extreme. Common objects radiate; on a bright spring day the colors pop and textures are accentuated by the late afternoon sun. This series attempts to bring beauty to the simple and the overlooked. Rather than take anything for granted, I allow everything and everyone a proper voice.

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