Anonymous Memories

"Anonymous Memories: Nothing That a Lick of Paint Can't Obliterate" marks a  return to non-digital mixed media work by JP Paul. The series of 15 works depicts pages from a dynamic journal or scrapbook that is constantly updated to reflect the owner or artiist's attempts to refocus the current by redfining historical references and influences. 5 are currently available for purchase at AltSur Gallery.

IThe work is monotone, minimal and raw, featuring ripped pages atop the remnants of previous whitewashed pages, as well as leftover glue as sole survivor of removed thoughts and images. Labels are typed and fastened to previous labels. Dimensions are decidely smaller than previous series as Paul seeks to create a more personal scale and intimate relationship between viewer and viewed.

According to the artist, ""I wanted to explore the concept of our lives constantly morphing, sometimes for the better, somtimes not. With that, our perceptions of our pasts and futures change as well, hence the constant attempt to reintepret or reshape our history through identifying elements even if the end game is a realignment for the current rather than delve in the past. These journals have a dynamic nature to them, seemingly a life of their own. I see this as an inconsistency with the fill 'em up 'n forget 'em nature of most scrapbooks or photo albums. Clearly there is a motive for storing specific memories in the first place and another very different motive for redefining or wiping them out entirely. I see this as a universal message about memories. We've all had them, hence the nod to their anonymity."

The works can be seen as somber, almost defeatist, but they can also serve as a positive reminder that no situation is so dire that it can't be remedied.

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